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    Loading RAW images into RAW converter in Elements

    woodworker34 Level 1

      I have recently switched from pc to Apple Mac ( El Capitan OSX-10.11) and running Elements 12.

      I have also acquired a new camera - Canon760d - which was released in the UK around July 2015.

      Trying to drag RAW files from the desktop into the Editor  should open the RAW converter, but I get a boxed message which says that my camera model is not recognized.


      I notice  Adobe suggests that the minimum plug in required for this camera is "8.8,9.0".


      I try to update /load this plug in from Elements Help > Updates in the Editor and can get the download to start. Halfway through however, a message appears to say that the Editor should be closed. This is the same Editor you need to access the download in the first place! On closing the editor, as requested, the download cannot be restarted. It just freezes.


      How do I get out of this and get the updated Canon camera RAW details loaded into Elements ? Adobe Support were unable to assist.