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    After Effects resetting preview despite already being cached


      I recently started a new job and was provided a macbook pro to animate on. I've gotten used to the laptop and am enjoying working on it more than I am with my office home rig.


      Mac keyboards lack a numberpad making Ram Previews a bit tough, however Ctrl + 0 tends to do the trick. Since I got the laptop I've noticed just pressing the space bar seems to act as a ram preview regardless, so I've had no issues.


      This morning however I encountered a problem which has persisted where both a normal and ram preview randomly skip back to the start of the timeline regardless of whether or not the rest of the video has been cached yet or not. Sometimes, rather than skip back to the start, it just skips to an early section of the timeline and loops as if I have put down markers and hit the replay button. This happens with both a normal preview and a ram preview, and has made my job essentially impossible today as I can not preview long enough sections to actually get any work done.


      I've made a gif of the issue here http://imgur.com/wDYuH6A 


      I've cleared the memory and disk cache numerous times, even though that really shouldn't be an issue with a 2 week old piece of kit. I've also pushed the ram allocated to adobe software up to 12GB. I haven't been able to find anything online about this issue at all, and anything that sounded similar suggested those options as fixes however neither have worked.


      Any ideas folks? This is really setting me back!