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    Crop Vector question

    cbishop01 Level 2

      I recently got a script that deletes Pictures outside of a BOX with my art in it.  It only works with photo's though.  Is there a script that will Delete anything outside of the BOx including vector/Text etc...


      How do I crop a photo in Illustrator? in Illustrator This is where i got my original script but again i need it to delete Vector Graphic as well(Everything).

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          Qwertyfly... Level 4

          that thread is 4 years old and has over 100 posts.
          You would be best off posting the script you are using here, as no one wants to dig through 100 posts to try to find a script that may or may not be the one you are using...


          I'll take a stab in the dark and say that I think you are probably using a script that does some form of clipping.

          clipping is hiding everything outside of a window.

          nothing is being deleted.

          and there is no reason you can't do that with vectors.


          post the code you have and we can take a look for you...

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            cbishop01 Level 2

            This is the script im using.



            // script.name = imageCrop.jsx;

            // script.description = crops (for real) Raster images placed or embeded in Illustrator

            // script.requirements = needs a Rectangle Path on top of the image to serve as New Image Size or cropping bounds

            // script.parent = CarlosCanto // 01/12/2016;

            // script.elegant = false;


            // Usage:   Draw a Rectangle to serve as "cutter path", select both the Rectangle and the Raster Image, run the Script.


            // Features:    Press Shift Key before running the script to Rasterize using TypeOptimized option otherwise the script will use default ArtOptimized

            //                      Press Alt Key before running the script to Rasterize using custom Resolution, otherwise the script will use the base image resolution.



            #target Illustrator


            function cropRasterImage () {

                if (app.documents.length>0) {

                    var idoc = app.activeDocument;

                    var sel = idoc.selection;

                    if (sel.length==2)

                        imageCrop (sel[0], sel[1]);

                    else alert ('Select an Image and a Rectangle (to be used as cropping area) and try again');



                else alert ('No document to process'); return;


                function imageCrop(rectangle, image) {

                    if (rectangle.typename == 'PathItem' && (image.typename=='RasterItem' || image.typename=='PlacedItem')) {


                        var rasterOpts = new RasterizeOptions;


                        if(ScriptUI.environment.keyboardState.shiftKey) { // press Shift key to switched to TypeOptimized anti-alias, otherwise use the default ArtOptimized

                            rasterOpts.antiAliasingMethod = AntiAliasingMethod.TYPEOPTIMIZED;


                        else {

                            rasterOpts.antiAliasingMethod = AntiAliasingMethod.ARTOPTIMIZED;



                        if(ScriptUI.environment.keyboardState.altKey) { // press Alt key to Enter a custom Resolution, otherwise use the image resolution

                            var title = 'Image Crop Script';

                            var a = prompt ('Enter target Resolution', 72, title);

                            if (a==null) return;

                            else rasterOpts.resolution = Number(a);


                        else {

                            rasterOpts.resolution = objectResolution (image);



                        idoc.rasterize (image, rectangle.geometricBounds, rasterOpts);



                    else alert ('Draw a Rectangle, place it on top of an Raster image and try again');



                function objectResolution(obj) {

                    var resw = Math.abs(72/obj.matrix.mValueA); // thanks to Moluapple for this

                    var resh = Math.abs(72/obj.matrix.mValueD);

                    var objRes = Math.round((resw+resh)/2);


                    return objRes;




            cropRasterImage ()