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    Adobe Experience Design XD - Sharing Security


      Subject: data security when sharing prototypes + cost implication to casual reviewers


      XD offers sharing according to "Prerequisites" in the Adobe knowledge base Adobe Experience Design (Preview) Help | Share designs and prototypes


      Question 1a: can a "casual reviewer" comment (in context, in page) on a prototype shared by a prototype author?


      Question 1b: If so, is there an no-cost option for casual reviewers to authenticate with Adobe so that they can access the shared prototype, according to the aforementioned "Prequisites"? Please provided a link to a no-cost Adobe cloud product (presuming it must be cloud) to which a casual reviewer must authenticate. (understandably, prototype authors must be activie Creative Cloud users)


      Question 2 : Does Creative Cloud offer enterprise level over its users data? Example, if an employee creases employment, is the employer (enterprise) able to cease employee user authentication and maintain enterprise level access to the user files (data)?