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    Problem exporting .mov

    GetApp One


      I just had a problem while exporting pieces of movies into .mov for a learning object.


      As we know, Animate stands 16k frames, so I need to create packets of the lesson, but suddenly and inexplicably ... it creates movies only 3 minutes and 20 seconds long ... I'm going mad, please help if you have any kind of solution.


      Tnx, Marco

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          Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Not sure why it's cutting off for you, unless in the export settings you chose to export for a given amount of time, instead of to the last frame?


          But going back to your original need, you can export a video that is more than 16000 frames. The way to do that is to break the animation into movie clips that are less than 16000 frames each. Then put those in consecutive frames in the main timeline. In the main timeline put this script:




          function nextone(){




          and in the last frame of each movieclip (except the last one), put this script:





          Now you can do a video export of a given duration, which would be the total length of all of the movieclips.

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            GetApp One Level 1

            thanks Colin, but it doesn't seem to work good, maybe a ")" in exceed generates an error.

            please check my settings in the image without ")":




            don't know how to put the script, but the real freaky issue is why suddenly I can't export mov more than 3 minutes and 20 seconds (approx 5000 frames). I know there are other methods, but for our job this arcaic is fine.


            thanks a lot !

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              Colin Holgate MVP & Adobe Community Professional

              The extra ) was a mistake, what you have in your timeline is correct. But, in your export settings you are only going to the last frame, you want to change that to be after time elapses, and type in the number of minutes and seconds that is the length of the whole animation.

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                GetApp One Level 1

                thank you very much Colin, you are so gentle.


                everything's gone fine now with the total lenght declared in the export settings.

                but again I can't understand why I had this problem, as a matter of fact I always export til the last frame.


                ok, I'm just finished to bore you.


                tnx again !