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    Wacom Tablet & After Effects 2015 Version Issue


      I am posting this again in hopes to get some help or insight on this. Below is a screen recording of the issue I am having.

      Basically, this is a Wacom Intuos tablet and After effects "sticky" dragging issue I am having. I have seen others complian about this issue and are not sure if it's an adobe, apple or wacom issue. This happens when I click once and move the pen. Note: I am not clicking and holding down the pen. It is a result of just clicking in the timeline and hovering the pen. This does NOT  happen on PC After Effects version  I am on Mac OSX El Capitan 10.11.4, After Effects 2015 version and Wacom driver version I have also attempted older drivers and no luck. I have adjusted every parameter inside wacom settings with no luck as well.


      [HD] After Effects 2015 version and Wacom Tablet "sticky" issue - YouTube