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    workspaces (workspace files) not read or not working

    Lavitas Macutis Level 1



      In InDesign CS 5, I set up a new workspace. The according file appears where it should (user Library/Preferences/Adobe InDesign/Version 7.0/en_GB/Workspaces) as an .xml file like all the others. The file starts and ends like any other .xml file in that folder. However, when choosing it from the Window / Workspace menu, InDesign consistently chooses a different, and always the same workspace (namely that on top of the list).

      This happens with one of the workspaces I set up. It doesn't with another.

      Moreover, I copied a number of workspace files from an older backup into the workspaces folder. Very few of them show in the InDesign menu. The others don't. Equally those that show start and end exactly like those that don't.

      (I could post an example of either of them.)


      Any idea why? Thanks


      / Edit: I realised that the newly set up file does gets read when I change its name so that it appears higher on the list. I then removed all _CurrentWorkspace files that had no basic workspace file to refer to (my mistake in copying), which seems to have solved the problem. Maybe that's actually the cause. In that case, this would be form whom it may concern.