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    Photos will not open from Lightroom CC to Photoshop CC




      I am having a problem that I cannot solve and tried searching, but did not find an answer to my unique problem.


      So here it is, I am using a Mac with 10.9.5, Lightroom CC, Photoshop CC and a Nikon 610.


      Both of Lightroom & Photoshop were not fully updated when the problem started.


      I shoot real estate, so I often need to open 2 raw files in Photoshop to blend them and for the entire time before the problem started it worked fine. I made no changes to the software from either Apple or Adobe when the problem started.


      Now sometimes when I click on a raw photo- or multiple photos and try to edit in Photoshop they do not open. If Photoshop is not open, the program will open, but the photo is not there. If Photoshop is already open, the photo just never shows up. I do not get any error messages.


      So I took the following steps in hopes it would fix the problem, I updated both Lightroom & Photoshop to the newest versions, did not fix the problem, I uninstalled PS and re installed it, again no help.


      NOW the real stumpper...on Saturday I went out and shot 2 different houses with the same camera and memory card, came home and uploaded them in Lightroom, to 2 different folders...one of the folders allowed me to open in PS, the other folder would not.


      I hope someone here has some ideas for me to look into...


      Thanks in advance for any help.