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    jsfl Command Share


      These are some tools I create at one year ago, I use Flash version is CS 5.5, I don't know these whether to use the new version, but if you are using older versions Flash, these will be able to help you.

      GitHub - johnsoncodehk/flash-command


      - Select Unused Item

      Built-in option is not selected correctly Unused Item, this is the right counter, and faster version.


      - Relist Library

      Reclassification library and arrange parent-child hierarchy based on mc.


      - Publish All Open fla

      When the need to publish a lot of fla, you can open all fla and use the command.


      - Save and Publish

      When the file size is very large, you may not need to wait for the end to save before publish.


      - Publish New fla

      Publish all last modification date in 600 seconds (modifiable) within the file. The program specified folder looking Project_URI.txt all fla files. If the new swf to fla, not re-publish.


      Code is not pretty, if someone would use my dresser.