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    LR CC import/exports on one computer are completely different to another. PLEASE HELP!


      Hey guys,


      Really puzzled here.

      Both myself and my editor are pro photographers and very experienced and we are completely at a loss here.


      I have exported a smart catalogue (1000 images, 50 edited based around 1-2 presets) and given it to my editor, he opens it up and it looks different to what i'm seeing.

      He can work on the files and get them to look like my sRGB jpg samples I send him, but when he either exports as DNG, JPG or Catalogue, they look different on mine. We are working with sRGB and a solid VSCO preset.


      Now I understand monitor calibration, we both have calibrated screens and obviously are seeing things differently.

      But if I were to export a DNG on my LR, send it to him and he opens it and exports it back without any "apply on add" settings, no known alterations, it looks different.


      My images are on the left, his on the right. His are always a bit faded, blacks are not strong, and not as contrasty.


      I'm so mega confused. is it his computer, LR CC, graphics card, or something getting lost in translation?

      We've tried XMP and they are old and clunky, it needs to be done this way.


      Please help asap as we are currently working on a job and I cannot find an answer.

      Thanks so much!


      Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.39.17.jpgScreen Shot 2016-05-05 at 10.39.27.jpg