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    loading multiple images

      I am new to actionscripting, i managed to load one image at a time, but when i tried to load multiple images with for loop and duplicateMovieClip the only image displayed is the laast one in the for loop.
      i have a folder containing the images ... the name of the folder is "images" and the images are : image01.jog, image02.jpg, ... to image09.jpg

      the code for duplicatation the movie is :
      for (j=0; j<=6; j++) {
      imgname = "images/image0"+j+".jpg";
      newName = "this.mc" add j;
      this.mc.duplicateMovieClip(newName, j);
      this.mc._y = getProperty("mc", _y)+getProperty("mc", _height)+20;
      loadMovie(imgname, mc);


      i think the problem is with the level of the movie clip, please if anyone knows how to soolve this problem send me

      thanks in advance.