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    Missing data after catalog move


      Upon opening LR today I got the message the catalog could not be opened. After checking around I found that the solution might just be to move it - so I did (according to these instructions: Photoshop Lightroom catalog FAQ ) only to find I'm missing heaps of data upon reopening the catalog. Several thousand pictures, including all metadata, as well as a whooooole lot of metadata I've been adding to my archive over the last five months. An actual shitload.


      I clicked the "Backup catalog" button yesterday (as I tend to do often), however this cannot have been working at all: now, the first time I've ever had to check my backups, I find that the most recent folder is from Dec. 2nd, 2015 - five months ago!
      -belive me: I've been running checks all over my system, with no avail.


      Any insights as to what might have gone wrong here, and - probably more important - what to do about it?


      Cheers, guys!