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    Help! Need to lock a fillable form to send via email that will still print with filled-in info!

    southwestd17121417 Level 1

      am creating several form-fill sales documents via Acrobat Adobe DC. I don't want the salesperson to be able to edit the original form, but I do want him to fill out the form for each client he visits. I then want him to be able to email the flattened, but filled-in document to our inside salesperson to print and finish the process for each client. The problem that I"m running into is that the forms will email as filled out, but the form-filled boxes are not locked and when printed, the document doesn't contain the filled-in answers, it's simple the original blank form. Is there a java script that I can insert into the form to make the form a) locked after the salesperson completes the form and emails it and b) able to print the filled-in form?