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    How do you get it to highlight the "Created with ... " fonts ?


      Indesign 2015. Under type/find font, and expanding the more info shows the font version.


      Example:  One font's info says ---  Version:  11.0d2e1  (Created With - 9.0d1e1)


      The "highlight substituted font" box IS ticked in preferences.


      InDesign is NOT highlighting this "created" -- rather substituted font.


      It's not creating anything --- it is borrowing 11.0d2e1 out of Apple's system font folder to substitute without highlighting where it does it.


      How do you make it highlight this decision?


      The original is the 9.0d1e1


      Indesign 2014 Version 10 would flag it all pink with a muddy substitute.


      It is not highlighting the "Created with ... " fonts