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    Interactivity PDF Not able to Hide/Show particular button


      Hi team,


      Recently we created Interactivity PDF using Adobe In-design CS6. There are many buttons in the right side and left side, the left side button triggers (Hide/Show Buttons) are working fine but the trigger (Hide/Show Buttons) of right side buttons are not working. When we published as SWF its working fine. And this not about triggers even we tried to show the object by adding that trigger to some other buttons and still the particular object not able to hide/show. is there any limitation on number of buttons and triggers ? Because we are using more buttons, layers and triggers for this PDF.


      If you would like to see that file, we are ready to share. Please help us ASAP, there are lots of dependencies on this.


      We used Adobe In-Design CS6 and Windows 7.




      InDesign Scripting