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    Positional keyframes and Wiggle expression


      Hi, let me explain my problem;


      I have a 5000x5000 px .PNG that I want to show a bit at a time in a1920x1080 comp.


      The .png layer moves left by x-amount and holds it's position, then left again, holds, then moves diagonally left and down. The movement repeats until the entire .png has been revealed a piece at a time. It's supposed to mimic the movement of the eyes scanning left-left-down and left-etc when reading a graphic novel. The 'hold' is the eyes absorbing the information within the comic frame before sweeping left.


      That bit's fine. But I want to add a wiggle expression to mimic the random, slightly unsteady movements of the eyes and human body (think 'handheld' aesthetic in movies).


      How do I add the wiggle when I already have positional keyframes in place?


      I tried precomposing the layer and adding the wiggle to the original layer and precomp' but neither method worked.