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    Adobe's TERRIBLE customer service--chat & facebook


      My Creative Cloud subscription expires on May 28 and I've been trying to pre-pay for next year now.


      The chat support representative that I was connected to on the adobe support website struggled with English and had no idea what I was saying. They were clearly following a script that had no structure for this kind of question. This is the third time I've had a negative (entirely unhelpful) experience with the Adobe customer support chat (and phone calls).


      Then I tried Facebook. The person helping me seemed responsive and eager to come to a solution. Then they acted without confirming with me, causing me to lose 23 days of a month that I had already prepaid for, and switching my full CC subscription to a photography subscription.


      I was exceedingly clear in my communications with each of these support reps. It boggles my mind that they were not able to take my money to guarantee me as a customer for another year without screwing up my plan. I love Adobe software, but this is ridiculous. This has been nearly an hour of my day leaving me more frustrated than when I started.


      In case you're wondering how clear I was, here is a portion of our interaction on Facebook:


      Adobe Creative Cloud


      Thanks Jesse, Do you want to upgrade to the CC prepaid plan at 119.88 USD?




      what is the difference between that plan and what I have now?


      Adobe Creative Cloud


      It would be the same subscription except that you would be prepaying for the next 12 months for 119.88 USD.




      I believe that I already have been paying a yearly plan....



      except it cost more than 119.88...



      is that for the full creative cloud?



      if so, yes! That is exactly what I would like to do



      I just received an e-mail that says that I've been switched to the photography plan



      that is NOT what I asked for



      I want the FULL creative cloud



      and on top of that, I've now lost the last month of the plan that I already pre-paid for!





      Adobe Creative Cloud


      Thanks for confirming Jesse, The Creative Cloud Student and Teacher edition Subscription (all apps, prepaid 119.88 USD) has been processed under reference A--------------. The transaction will complete shortly. Regards





      So my question. How do I reverse this (so I don't lose a month that I've already paid for) and how do I prepay for another year in advance of my renewal date?