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    What to upgrade? PP2015 & Red Giant & DNG


      OK, the simple specs: 

      Hardware: Core i5 3570K OC'd to 4.1Ghz, 4TB Raid 10 (software), Radeon 7850, 8GB RAM, 480GB SSD System drive, Windows 10.  Shooting Magic Latern almost-HD RAW on an 5DMKII. 

      Software: Use Davinci for DNG import and flattening and proxy export, then all work done in PP2015 with built-ins and Red Giant Master Suite.  Reconnect to master files for any final touch up, then Export for web & Blu-Ray.


      Render times aren't too too bad - 15ish minutes to clean up 1 minute of noisy footage using Red Giant Denoiser II when linked to the DNG.  All GPU accelerations possible turned on everywhere.  Exports aren't too bad either on time, usuallly 2-3x real time.


      Coming into some money - would like to save a bit and spend a bit on upgrade.  Looking at the above system and workflow, what would you say would be the biggest improvement.  I hardly ever use After Effects or Speed Grade - try to do as much as possible in PP.  I know 16GB RAM wouldn't hurt.  And I know an i7 would be nice - but it makes no sense to buy a 3770K, would buy a new gen, which means replacing MB, which means Windows headaches, etc.


      Feel free to tell me what I'm not thinking of.