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    Virtual Citrix Xenapp?

    Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

      I have a reader who has written me the following:

      I work evenings at a Langara college Vancouver as a continuing studies instructor teaching Adobe Acrobat. Recently my program coordinator has asked me to put together a short 3 day course on EPUB creation. ... Many of the computers in the college run on the Virtual Citrix Xenapp. The IT Department has set it up in such a way that I cannot add plugins to my browser so the viewers Readium and EPUB reader is not an option and neither is Adobe Digital Editions since they claim that program cannot be loaded into a Citrix environment.

      My only current option is to upload the EPUB file onto Goolgle Drive and read the files using the free reader Cloud EPub reader. I know that it works with a simple reflowable EPUB. However, I was wondering if you have ever used it and whether it works with fixed layout 3.0? I’m still running tests with it, in the meantime I’d like to hear your thoughts and if you think there is any other internet related way for reading the EPUB besides the google drive?

      I have no idea what Virtual Citrix Xenapp is except it sounds like a platform onto which other platforms are loaded.


      The little information I can find indicates that Adobe CC does not support any installations on Citrix Xenapp. Is this true? Or is the IT Department giving my reader a runaround?


      Basically I want to be able to tell the student that Adobe Digital Editions can be installed.