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    ? How to Import NEF RAW photo stills from XQD cards to LR-6 ?

    ashleyk21416283 Level 1

      Just acquired the latest Nikon D500 using both XQD & SD cards. Still using old LR-4, wish to update to LR-6.

      However discussions with Nikon techies explain why my LR-4 can not read XQD NEF Raw files. Apparently LR does not currently recognise the new XQD NEF Raw files. Even the current LR-5 is only on Camera Raw 8.6 & LR-6 will not either until it is armed with i believe Camera Raw 8.7 ?(required for the XQD Raw files) !!

      Therefore i am only using the cameras SD card slot for now.


      It was explained to me the only option at present is to download Nikon Capture NXD software (which i have) import the new XQD card Raw images*, then convert to Tiff files, then can import into my LR-4 for working on, then to produce enhanced JPGs from.

      (yet to try this, but sounds ok).

      *(Getting hold of a XQD card reader that is 'in-stock' is another delay, however a separate issue).


      (if it is true that the current LR-6 cannot read the XQD Raw files)

      My Question is, when will LR-6 be upgraded to Camera Raw 8.7 or what ever C-Raw version is required to do so ??


      Obviously i do not wish to upgrade to LR-6, until this has been done.  Appreciate if any one knows the answer.

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          Lr5user-pt Level 3

          LR does not care for the type of card used, the OS deals with it and shows the card as just another drive. Your problem is with the D500 files, that are only supported in Lightroom 6.5 (available now). As an alternative you can download the Adobe DNG Converter (free) and convert your files from NEF to DNG, and those can be used even in your LR 4

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            John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            1. The Camera Raw plugin is only used by Photoshop and Bridge
            2. Lightroom does not use the Camera Raw plugin. Camera Raw support is built in to the Lightroom program code. Update or upgrade Lightroom and new camera support is included.
            3. Lightroom 6.5 is the current version of Lightroom.
            4. XQD supersedes CompactFlash. If your operating system recognises XQD cards, Lightroom can read the data on them.
            5. The D500 was first supported in Lightroom 6.5. If you use any version earlier than 6.5 (e.g. 6.0, 5.0, 4.0) then you won't be able to open the Raw files. You must be running 6.5 or later.
              Cameras supported by Adobe Camera Raw
            6. If you keep using Lightroom 4 then you can use the free Adobe DNG converter to batch convert D500 Raw files to DNG format - an open Raw format developed by Adobe to prevent camera owners from having to deal with proprietary Raw formats such as NEF (Nikon) and CR2 (Canon) and software incompatibilities such as you are now facing. Then edit the DNG files in Lightroom 4.
              Digital Negative (DNG), Adobe DNG Converter | Adobe Photoshop CC
              Camera Raw: How to use Adobe DNG Converter - YouTube

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              ashleyk21416283 Level 1

              Thanks John, that clarification sounds very logical.

              [As you can tell, i'm no techie, simply use the stuff to get results, without understanding precisely how it all works,

              incl correct use of these forums. Hats off to those like you & others more techie minded & willing to help]


              So, as i intended to anyway, simply download LR-6.5 & I should carry on as normal but with with all the improved functionality of LR-6. Ideal without the need to get bogged down in file conversions etc.

              Also i presume Raw stuff saved, taken previously on older camera & card combo's i still have, will also work fine

              (reverse capable)?



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                ashleyk21416283 Level 1

                Thanks also to LR-5user, you will also see my reply to John Waller.

                I still need to bottom out concerns with upgrade to LR-6 re my existing LR-4 catalogue.

                Current OS systems are OSX El Capitan ver 10.11.4


                I suppose correct forum protocol is to raise afresh as a new ?-Q in the correct forum ?

                I'll look/check for relevant LR & Mac Users forums ref

                Q-? Upgrade from LR-4 to LR-6 -What happens to existing LR-4 catalogue etc.


                Also Q-? Viewing/Using LR catalogue shared between Mac desktop & remote Mac Laptop ?

                Have & use LR catalogue on Mac Desktop, also store 'donor-original' files structured & indexed files (prior to import > LR), on indexed stand alone LaCie hard drive (also backed-up on another same) keeping desktop PC memory clear for Applications & stuff etc, don't want to bung it up & have all eggs in one basket.

                How do i view the same catalogue on my Desktop & Mac Laptop also OS El.Capitan OS X ver 10.11.4 ??

                Don't make sense to run TWO catalogues, but i don't understand or use cloud or understand functionality beyond a PC's hard drive / applications location for the LR catalogue. I can transport my portable LaCie with files on & view processed photo's when remote somewhere with my laptop, but currently not have access to a new LR-6 ?