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    Resizing Issue - iPhone 6 to iPhone6+


      I am new to inDesign, so I'm sure there is a simple answer to this problem that I am unaware of!


      I created a digital publishing document that was created on the iPhone 6 template. I am using the Page tool to create different variants on the other iPhone devices and Android. When I scale to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4, there are no issues. The iPhone 6+ however, even when visually it looks to scale, is completely off in the preview and when exported. It is enlarged and drastically bleeds off of the screen.


      The same issue also happens when I use Alternate Layout to rescale the document to the iPhone6+. Again, alternate layout works well for iPhone5/4 rescaling, but enlarges the iPhone6+ objects and text frames.


      Is this a common issue? Are there different ways to upscale a document to the iPhone6+? Is there a specific liquid layout rule I should be applying? I tried them all and keep running into the same issue.