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    InDesign won’t launch, no splash screen

    Mariana Ochs

      (iMac OS 10.11.4, late 2012, 2,7 GHz, 8Mb)


      I am hoping someone can help me as I am about to lose my mind with InDesign CC 2015 not launching! I have an iMac with ElCapitán OS installed and for the past month or two I have barely been able to work. The CC Desktop application behaves erratically, and 8 times out of 10 the InDesign icon bounces and the application simply will not launch. I have wasted entire workdays uninstalling and reinstalling both CC Desktop and InDesign, always an excruciatingly slow process, to no avail. I have deleted preferences on launch and tried just about every trick mentioned in all the forums: installing Muse, disabling the menu bar automatic hiding feature, settting CC Desktop as a login item, and many other suggestions that I can’t even remember. I have used Activity Monitor to try to find a culprit, and deleted my bank’s security plugin which seems to slow everything down. Sometimes the application takes a really long time and finally launches; other times I can go for half the workday without being able to open a single file. Other apps, such as Photoshop, work fine.


      When I do get Indesign to launch, I do everything I can to never turn the computer off – as the problem is worse if I restart. To be fair, I must say that I am experiencing a lot of color wheels, with the Finder dragging for the simplest operations.


      Yesterday I finally gave up and performed a clean install on my Mac, starting over fresh. After a full day of installing all the apps anew (I didn’t migrate from a backup), to my complete disbelief, I am still unable to launch InDesign.


      Does anyone have any fresh ideas? I am  really at my wit’s end and my work is piling up!


      Thank you!