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    Adobe Premiere Elements 10 crashes while converting video file


      My students are all experiencing a new problem with Adobe Premiere Elements 10 that we have not had previously. I suspect it has to do with a blocked Internet site.


      We use Kodak Playtouch videocameras that create .mp4 files. When I open a new project in Adobe Premiere Elements 10, I can import the files into the video library (“get media” in the Premiere interface). But, when I drag them into the editing timeline, a message pops up that asks whether I want Adobe to adjust project settings for the file. In the past, I always clicked on “yes”, the project settings were adjusted, and I had a high quality video project. However, now when I click on yes, the program crashes (“not responding”). Alternatively, if I click on “no”, the video is of such poor quality that it is unpublishable.


      I assume that clicking "yes" means APE 10 finds an appropriate converter via the Internet, a converter we no longer have access to. If I knew what the site was, I might be able to get it unblocked.


      I also thought that perhaps the problem was with Quicktime or some other program but I've reinstalled Quicktime and have the same problem.


      Thanks for helping!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Version 10 of Premiere Elements was not terribly versatile, in terms of the types of video it can work with. Since version 11, the program is much better at dealing with non-traditional camcorder video, including MP4s.


          I know you have successfully worked with MP4s in the past, so clearly it SOMETIMES works. But what has changed since? Have you removed Quicktime and then later tried to reinstall it?


          Have you tried uninstalling and then reinstalling Premiere Elements since removing Quicktime?