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    Is angular2 running with phonegap?




      in the past I was working an a mobile web app running angular 1.5. I was using the phonegap build to deploy it to iOS and Android.


      Now I was testing angular2, to see if it works. I was testing the quickstart guide from angular.io and an angular2-seed (GitHub - mgechev/angular2-seed: Modular seed project for Angular 2 apps with fast, statically typed build ) from github. Both run fine on my desktop in the browser. If I upload the project to phonegap build, it's creating the packages without warnings/errors. However, if I install them on mobile devices, it just shows "Loading...", so it looks like




      in the index.html is not working properly.


      So now I am confused. Am I missing something here?


      Your help is very much appreciated. I would love to use angular2+phonegap



      Kind regards,