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    Windows 10 - Flash content asking Internet Explorer to Install flash player

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      * Windows 10 Pro Version: 10.0.10586


      * www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer, Microsoft edge  25.10586.0.0 -The flash content just shows a blank area, so I tried Internet Explorer 11.212.10586.0 same thing happened.


      * When I go to test flash, I get the following message :


      Sorry flash player is either not installed or not enabled


      Internet Explorer sorry flash player is either not installed or not enabled.PNG

      As you can see, flash player is installed, it comes pre installed with Windows 10,


      (which I think is a bad move on Microsoft part, as flash player is slowly being hushed out with HTML5 as the new king of the interactive content world, it's also a bad move on adobes part, as now they have to try and push updates through windows updates, it also scr@ws us users, as now we cant choose to install it, or even fix it! when it gos wrong like today!)


      I believe the problem started after the KB3154132 Update, I have tried removing the update then reinstalling it, I have got in contact with the Microsoft help desk, who are as (something I wont say) I am an advanced user, I or they, cant fix this problem!


      so I'm here,


      The files needed for flash content seem to be in the correct locations, I have tried removing Internet Explorer then reinstalling it, Grr and ive tried what the adobe help page says... to turn ActiveX off and on, also to make sure the plugin is turned on, which it is


      adobe files.PNG

      the only other place that I can think of, which have not tried, is the appdata (user program data) which could hold the fix to the problem


      other photos


      Internet Explorer You aren't running microsoft edge in windows 10.PNG


      microsoft edge test page saying flash disabled, when its claerly on.PNG


      microsoft edge test page saying no flash.PNG