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    Why is it looping a section of my video?

    Julie-GetContentNow Level 1

      I'm in the middle of a curtain opening project, and when I try to play it back to preview what I did so far, it only plays a few seconds of my video and then keeps looping. As far as I know, I toggled the loop play to "off." I have no idea what the problem is.


      Here is a link to a screenshot of what I'm doing:



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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          I have no idea what the problem is.

          You didn't read the help on RAM previews/ cached previews. That's the problem. Please actually study how AE works instead of muddling through and expecting it to do things it isn't designed for.



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            Julie-GetContentNow Level 1



            Please do not reply to any of my posts from now on unless you know the answer to my question and can do so without being rude. Thank you! (But no thank you for your almost totally useless reply.) Also...


            The least you could do is tell me where the help on RAM previews/cached previews is. But I'm sure that by the time you do, I will have probably found the info myself.


            I don't know if you realize that I search in Google plus Adobe forums before posting a question here! And, I searched for a tutorial on how to make a curtain and everything was going fine until I tried to play this back.


            So unless you have a real answer to my question...please, seriously, don't ever waste my time again.


            Thanks again for (almost) nothing,




            P.S. I saw your post about private messages, and it says not to send any to you. Thus, you are stuck with this public post.

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              Paul Michelle Adobe Community Professional

              Hi Julie,


              Please let me offer you some advice on how to ensure the possibility of getting more helpful responses in the future.

              The only thing you offered told the community about your project was that it was a "curtain opening project".

              This means nothing to anyone.

              You should always let people know the EXACT version of After Effects you are using.

              The EXACT operating system & version you are using.

              System hardware specs like the amount of RAM, processor information, hard drive information.


              You have to understand how many people come onto these forums who have absolutely zero understanding of even the most basic functionality of After Effects who have jumped into some template project or advanced tutorial then come here asking why After Effects is behaving this or way or that.  It can be frustrating having to so often take the time to 1) ask people for relevant information 2) Inform them of basic things that they should absolutely know before jumping into any other project based tutorial.


              Everybody learns and teaches differently.  There is actually a valuable lesson to be learned in Mylenium's response if you can get past the way he presented it.   It's the whole "Give a man(or woman) a fish... vs. Teach a man to fish..." thing.


              ANyway here is Adobe's official list of what info you should provide when asking a question:

              FAQ: What information should I provide when asking a question on this forum?

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                Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                We really do need the information my favorite fish mentions.

                Here is a page that may, or may not, answer the question for you.

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                  Julie-GetContentNow Level 1

                  I will take into consideration what you all have said about making sure I offer you enough information such as version of After Effects and so on. I also will take a look at the pages people specified I should read for more information. However, I did provide a link to a video screenshot to my work in progress, and here it is again (based on a video I watched on curtain opening):




                  (I have this screenshot service that allows me to automatically upload to the cloud instead of uploading a bunch of W.I.P. work to You Tube.)


                  Most problems can be resolved by just asking me questions to get more information. Is that so hard? I mean, is the rudeness on these forums really necessary? And, I do try to find the answer myself, but sometimes I just don't know in/on which of the hundreds of Adobes forums to look. Even looking in app-specific forums can be overwhelming because there are endless numbers of questions usually most of which seem very similar to what I need at all.


                  Anyway...to answer your question (some of them):


                  I'm on After Effects CC 2015.2 (v13.7.1.6) and it says I'm using only about 3% of 3GB RAM as far as I can tell. I know for another Adobe app I did set the amount of RAM I needed maybe will do that for this one as well.


                  If you have any other questions for me, please ask. But please also drop the rude behavior. It's just uncalled for.

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                    Paul Michelle Adobe Community Professional

                    3gigs of RAM is not enough. AE Minimum requirement is 4.

                    I'd ask you for your hard drive and operating system information which is relevant, but i already have and you, for whatever reason,

                    did not provide it.

                    I have a serious question for you.

                    I stated in my earlier post the information you should provide when asking a question.

                    Now I am supposed to ask you again to tell me what kind of hard drive you are using and how big it is?

                    Because this information is relevant to your problem being you do not have enough RAM installed.

                    With all due respect,  is your time more valuable than mine?

                    You asked us if it was really that hard for us to ask questions?

                    Well was it really that hard for you to provide the information I asked for?


                    To save you and I any further correspondence I am gong to tell you what your problem is and how you can figure out how to fix it on your own.


                    1)  You do not have enough RAM available to playback any more than few seconds of video.  In fact I'm surprised you can do anything at all with 3 gigs considering your OS (whatever it is) requires 1 or 2 gigs just to operate. You need at least 8 gig of installed RAM

                         To get any work done in after effects. 


                    2) You need a dedicated SSD cache drive to pick up where the RAM drops off.  If you already have one you need to configure it in the      setting & preferences of After Effects


                    These are things that nearly any introduction to After Effects tutorial or book would tell you.

                    You should take some time to familiarize, or re familiarize yourself with these very basics on how to set up after effects & what hardware is required to run it properly.


                    I do not feel it's rude to tell you that if you are not willing to take the time to do that then few people will be willing to take the time

                    to help your projects.  Ultimately your success is your responsibility, not ours.

                    In fact I might add that I personally find it rude & inconsiderate when people show up here, not having studied the most basic aspects of setting up and running After Effects and then get upset when some one tells them they need to go back to step one.


                    You wrote:

                    "Most problems can be resolved by just asking me questions"


                    Some of us have been around here long enough to know what the problem is without asking any questions.

                    Myllenium for example knew immediately that the problem was you not knowing the very basics of how After Effects functions

                    and how to set up your system properly.


                    I then went a step further than he was willing to go and asked you for the relevant information we need and you not only failed to provide it,  but also gave us a little lesson on how WE should resolve YOUR problems.


                    You see, you see your problem as a looping animation.

                    While we see your problem as being unfamiliar with the very basics of setting up After Effects.

                    It's just a matter of perspective...you're free to take our advice, or resent it.  It's up to you.

                    Here is a video for setting up AE CS5.   If you want one for CC2015 (and I suggest you do) find it yourself

                    It's the first video that came up when I searched.

                    I suggest watching it and several others to catch any possible conflicting information & get up to par on the version you are using.

                    Adobe After Effects CS5: Setting Up After Effects for Optimum Performance with 64-Bit Systems - YouTube


                    P.S.  Imagine how much o fthis back and forth could have been avoided had just provided all the suggested information about your system.  We all would have immediately seen you do not meet the minimum RAM required to run AFter Effects.


                    P.S.S.  Szalam you should have warned her about me.

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                      Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Julie-GetContentNow wrote:


                      I'm using only about 3% of 3GB RAM as far as I can tell.

                      Wait, how much RAM do you have on your system in total? If you have 4 GB of RAM, I could totally see it giving you weird feedback like that. I'll bet the green lines in your screen recording aren't showing you the proper cached frames (because I can't imagine that tiny amount of RAM holding that many frames). It's probably just not rewriting the information to the UI properly (likely to do with the tiny RAM amount).


                      And, as my favorite fish pointed out, he sent you a very useful and comprehensive link for what sort of information we need to properly troubleshoot - basically a full list of questions for you to answer - and you clearly haven't looked at it.