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    Setting the folder for imported images


      Hello all,


      I am using the newest Lightroom on my German Win10 computer and right in the beginning I had set the import folder to D:/AdobeData. That was fine for a few weeks.


      But now.


      Today I put in my SD-card, start importing and suddenly notice, that the files don't land at the D:/AdobeData folder as always, but rather somewhere in my "MyPictures" (= Meine Bilder) on my C: drive.


      1. How did Lightroom decide for me to change the folder?

      2. How can I change it back, because I've searched the menues several times already and I don't find this option.




      Because I hate that piece of $%&§$%& software already :-(


      Kind Regards



      PS: Please excuse my English, but there is no support option for German customers, I have been redirected to this forum.