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    Print Module - Saved User Templates - Broken! - Paper: (none)


      Hi all, I recently got a new printer and now it would appear that my previously saved (prior to the new printer) User Templates in the Print Module no longer set the paper size correctly which means that the print layout saved in the user template is all messed up.  Specifically the user templates I am speaking to, where originally laid out on 13x19 paper and when I select the the user template it appears to default back to a 8.5x11 paper size (but the Print module reports it as Paper: (none) and LR just squeezes the photo layout into the smaller 8.5x11 paper size making them all overlap.


      If I create a new 13x19 layout and save it as a new user template it works as expected.


      I can also report that any previously saved Prints within the Library - Collection also appears to be broken in a similar fashion.  IE when I select the arrow next to the print icon (which takes you to the print module) also shows the print on Paper: (none) but looks like 8.5x11 when it used to be on a 13x19 paper size.


      All I can think of is that it was around the time of the new printer.  Moved from an Epson Stylus 1400 to an Epson P600 if that helps folks troubleshoot the issue.


      Currently running LR CC 2015.5.1 on Win10 64 bit.



      - Has anyone else seen this issue?

      - Is there a fix?

      - Is there a way to "restore/fix" the previously saved user templates or saved prints to a 13x19 paper size?

      - Does LR save any "Printer Specific" information within the saved prints or user templates?  (I wouldn't have thought so)