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    links on PDF do not work


      i have a folder with 200 or so PDF manuals with a PDF index page with links that bring you to a separate PDF manual within the folder.


      all the links work fine on the computer (Dell if that helps) but when i transfer the entire folder to my LG GpadF8.0 (with whatever operating system it comes with android i think), the links do not work on the index page through the Adobe Acrobat Reader app.


      All 200 or so manuals are not labeled as their respective title so i would have to keep opening up every individual manual until i found the manual i am looking for.


      is there no way to get the links in the index paging to bring me to the manual i am hunting for?

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          maxwyss Level 4

          How did you create the links? Which PDF viewer are you using on the tablet?


          It is possible that the PDF viewer you are using right now is too dumb to deal with the way you set up the links.


          It is also possible that the links are absolute (instead of relative); this could be easily verified by moving the folder with the documents (including index) to a different location on your computer. If the links no longer work, we have the (first) culprit.


          Hope this can help.

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            Bharti Madaan Adobe Employee

            Unfortunately, we currently don't support this feature. We have taken note of this as a feature request, and would try to incorporate it in the application in our future releases.



            Adobe Acrobat Team

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              RyanAK Level 1

              Thank you for the replies, but i did not create the folder/PDF/links. I am using the Adobe Acrobat Reader app.


              it is a Naval Ships Technical Manual created by the Navy. I was just trying to get it on the tablet to use while out at sea instead of having to fight off someone for a computer while underway. Unfortunately, I will just have to shoot in the dark for the correct NSTM manual until said requested feature exists.


              Thanks for the support maxwyss and Bharti.

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                maxwyss Level 4

                You're welcome.


                Maybe give it another try with a better PDF viewer (note that, opposed to the Windows and OSX versions, where the Adobe products are the reference standard, Adobe PDF viewers on mobile devices are sub par). For Android, they say that qPDF Notes (Pro) would give you best chances.