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    LR crashes on iPad PRO


      I have an iPad Pro with 95GB free and iOS 9.3.1

      I have just downloades LR for iPad version 2.3.0


      When I click on the icon, the app opens but suddenly crashes. I have tried uninstalling it, and resetting the iPad, and downloading it again, but the problem persists.


      I need assistance on this problem.

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          Michael J. Hoffman Adobe Community Professional

          Hi SitoVila,


          I haven't seen this issue with LR Mobile on my iPad Pro (same versions as you), but I did have this with other Adobe mobile apps such as Photoshop Mix and Adobe Sketch. In each case, the app launched and crashed. If I used the app switcher, I could see it, even with the images showing in the switcher, but bringing it to the front crashed repeatedly.


          However, in all cases, restarting the iPad solved the issue. I haven't seen this persist across a restart.


          Sorry this isn't much help for you, but I just wanted to provide it as a data point. Perhaps if you force quite all open apps (swipe upward from the app switcher screen) and restart the iPad?