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    Acrobat Pro DC mobile App Javasript


      I Creates a button with the following code :



      this.getTemplate (" BMA ");

      this.getTemplate (" BMA ") spawn ( this.numPages, true, false ) ;




      Unfortunately this Coder does not work well in the desktop version of Adobe Acrobat Pro or another PDF reader for the desktop versions but on the IPad or other Teblet appliances .


      my question I have on this above code an error inside or these mobile apps acrobat this is simply not what is really bad for this price what the software costs or can it gernerell the modilen devices this is simply not ?


      the function Javasript is on and normal alert ( ) command will also reset document or send by mail also go!



      ask for quick help



      bless Dominik

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          It doesn't work because it's incorrect. It needs to be:

          this.getTemplate(" BMA ").spawn( this.numPages, true, false ) ;


          Also, are you sure the name of the template is " BMA " and not "BMA" (without the spaces)? If you provide the wrong template name it will throw an error like this:

          TypeError: this.getTemplate(" BMA ") is null


          And as a side-note, this is not going to work on mobile devices. I don't think that any mobile app supports Templates.