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    Q-? What happens to LR-4 Catalogue when Upgrading to LR-6 ?


      Intend to upgrade to LR-6 imminently.

      Current LR-4 catalogue sits in applications on Desktop iMac, 1TB, 16GB Ram, updated to/running El Capitan OSX ver 10.11.4

      Original LR-4 purchased & installed using Disc supplied. (liked the disc as simple to re-install if I had a problem/crash)

      Do run Hrly Time machine back-ups of PC only to a separate Seagate hard drive>

      (not the stand alone LaCie hard drives/duplicated, containing all my indexed* raw+Jpg + LR-processed Jpg photo's) in case of a crash.

      Understand newer/current LR-6.5 version will read new XQD NEF raw files? & are now without disc, requiring direct online download ?

      (* I do this for security/peace of mind, in case i ever lost the LR-4 catalogue for any reason)


      What happens to my current LR-4 catalogue when i download LR-6.5 ??

      Does it cleverly but simply assimilate my old LR-4 catalogue but with all the improved LR-6 functionality ?

      Am i worrying about nothing, being too cautious again ?