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    Errors and Suggestions--Autosave

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      Dear Sir/Madam,



      Acrobat Reader DC Errors: -



      Attached here are two files. File 1 shows the situation immediately after clicking the particular highlighted text from the rightmost comments pane. File 2 shows the situation after little scrolling up and down. Right after click the highlighted comment, it doesn't show the contents of the text. I hope you understand the error.


      File 1:-


      File 1.JPG



      File 2:-


      File 2.JPG

      The second error is that the "Save" feature works same as "Save As", asking the user the folder, name and all the details, even when we are dealing with a pre-saved file.



      Also, please enable autosave options.



      Adobe Reader Touch



      The problem is that even after making certain changes, I doesn't prompt the user for saving the file when the the user presses the cross button from the topmost right corner. Many a times, accidentally, all works are gone. Please enable option for Autosave as well as a dialogue box prompting to save the file for any unsaved changes, when the user presses the close button on the top of the window.


      Also, please enable option to view annotations in Adobe Reader touch as well.


      The system I am using is Windows 10, and the pdf files I am working is epaper files of "The Hindu" Newspaper.


      Sometimes, it crashes after clicking sticky notes.



      Thank you very much.