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    istock- still charging


      I recently took Adobe up on the istock offer on the Adobe website for my business but found it I didn't really need to use it the way I thought I would, I followed the links and thought I'd had cancelled the istock account, I was even given the little box asking way I had decided to cancel, looks all straight forward.I received a refund. I noticed in April another £23 had bee direct debited from my account for istock, I had a quick chat with the online support (cut short by the school run) but looks like I was going to be charge £100 + for cancelling!! he's offered a two month free deal, but I cancelled istock online and have no need for it. I feel like Ive been swindled out of money and really let down by Adobe. Can anyone advise what to do? Im seriously considering dropping Adobe all together as there are other software solutions out there and feel let down by the service.