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    How do I create a new keyboard shortcut?

    artoix Level 1

      Ok, I know how to modify keyboard shortcuts in AE. But I need to assign keyboard short to a command that has no shortcut by default — in my case it's new Shape layer (Layer -> New -> Shape Layer — a need a lot of them and going to menu by mouse becomes kind of painful).

      Screenshot 2016-05-06 10.05.03.PNG

      When I open Adobe After Effects 13.7 Mac en_US Shortcuts.txt I can't see such command there, though I see other layer related commands and their shortcuts:

      Screenshot 2016-05-06 10.07.11.PNG


      So, my question is: is there a command name for new Shape layer that I can write there and assign a keyboard shortcut to that? Something like "NewShapeLayer"? (I tried that, it didn't work).


      Thank you!