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    Adobe Sketch Work Disappeared With Adobe ID Log In


      Hi there,


      So I recently downloaded Sketch (6 days ago) and I had a few sketches completed that were on the app. Sketch never asked me to sign in or create an Adobe ID when I first used it so I carried on and sketched!


      Today I've opened the app and its asked me to sign in with my Adobe ID or create a free one - so I created one as there was no other way to get into the app.


      Once logged in with my new ID all my previous sketches had disappeared!!!!!!! Please please please help, is there any way to retrieve these?


      Thanks in advance for your help,


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          Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi Rosie,


          I'm sorry about your lost work. It's actually not possible to use Sketch without an Adobe ID, so there are a couple of things that might have happened:

          * Do you have any other Adobe apps on the same device that you installed Sketch on? If you do, you could have been automatically logged in with the same account that you were already using in another app. In that case, your work will be in that account. Not in the new one you created.

          * If you don't have any other Adobe apps installed, we would definitely have asked you to create an account before using the app (just for this reason... that you not lose your work). When you create a new account, a confirmation email is sent to you. You must click the link in order to confirm the account and you're given a number of days to do that.


          I'm hoping you were already logged in to another Adobe app. Please let me know.