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    Q-? How to view & use LR on my Laptop when remote from Desktop ?


      Is there a way to view my LR catalogue (in applications on the desktop) on the remote laptop ?

      Simply to maximise any spare time for processing in LR, when away from the desktop.

      I have heard that apple products can 'communicate' with each other, not sure what that entails?

      (Presume would need to use a cloud function (which have never used or understand at the mo).


      LR sits in Applications on Desktop iMac mid 2011, 1TB, 16GB Ram, 2.7GHz intel core i5, updated to OSX 10.11.4,

      USB-2, x2Thunderbolt @ 10GB/s.

      Desktop, PC only backed up by Time machine > separate hard drive.

      Photo's indexed & stored on separate portable hard drives x2(duplicated hard drives*), before import > LR catalogue.

      *(Just like to have safety storage, not relying just on LR catalogue).


      I tend to download images via the Laptop to portable hard drive, owing to the laptops faster download speed capability.

      Then connect hard drive to the desktop >LR catalogue, preferring the large screen for image reviewing/processing.

      Laptop MacBook Pro mid 2015, 1TB, 16GB Ram, 2.8Ghz intel core i7, OSX 10.11.4,

      USB-3, x2 Thunderbolt @ 20GB/s.