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    Multiple ratings to same images


      Hello everyone.


      After editing the series of pictures that i´ve shot, I will end up with 20 "good" pictures out of 500. This 20 pictures will have a 5 star rating and I will make a collection named "Edit A". The problem starts here, since I have the need to make another edit of the same work and call it "Edit B". If I change the rating of a picture it will be updated automatically everywhere in the catalog.

      So for example a pictures that was rated as 5 stars in Edit A will be rated 4 stars in Edit B, but now it is rated 4 star everywhere!

      For me is essential to work with the filters in every collection, so that I am able to filter only the pictures that I want see every time (5 stars the top quality down to 1 star for less quality)


      Any clue?

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Select the photo and use the Photo menu to create a virtual copy. You can give it a different rating, metadata and develop treatment. It's stored in the catalog as metadata so no duplicate file is created on your hard drive.

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            majlend Level 1

            Yeah 99jon that´s right but it makes hundreds of doubles; I tried but it will be a mess. If I make 4 collection for 500 pictures each it will make 2000 virtual copies in total. To messy I guess.

            We should have the possibility to make changes inside a collection that don´t affect the original files.


            I think it is really an elementary option you should have, in the end Lightroom is claiming to be the all-in-one software for a photographer yet it does´t cover such a basic feature like this one.

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              john beardsworth Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It's not a basic feature, just the unusual way you want it to work. I'm not sure I can think of any app for photographers that allows the same image to have different ratings in its virtual folders (what Lr calls collections).


              Virtual copies does the job, or experiment with stacking instead. In collections you can use stacks to hide images, and images can be stacked differently in different containers.

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                dj_paige Level 9

                Stacking, as proposed by John Beardsworth, is a good idea.


                But you can very easily just create a collection containing only a single virtual copy of each image when the collection is created. That's not too messy for me, it sounds like exactly what you want. To do this, select the desired photos in the Library Module grid, then next to Collections, click on the + sign, select Create Collection, then check the box "Make New Virtual Copies".

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                  majlend Level 1

                  I will give it a try with a combination of virtual copies + stacking.


                  Thanks dj_paige and John

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                    99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    I have thousands of virtual copies, for example many cropped at 16:9 which I mix with video presentations. So folders need not look a mess. Simply use the menu:

                    Photo >> Stacking >> Collapse All Stacks

                    Or when you wish to view everything

                    Photo >> Stacking >> Expand All Stacks

                    Only the top thumbnail is displayed for each stack when collapsed.