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    Evaluation after post test


      I am using Presenter 10 Version 10.0.3 Build 337 (PowerPoint 2013 on a pc) and we have an evaluation we import after a quiz in order to get answers from participants. Anyhow,there is one evaluation question that we want if they rate 4 or 5 for it to skip the next question and everything else answered (3 or below) goes to the next slide. I have the answers in the advanced option to go to the numbered slide which is fine but when its published and tested and the user answers 4 or 5 it will NOT proceed. If you answer 3 or below it will go to the next slide. Any idea why it won't work?

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          zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee

          Hi Melanie,


          It is really hard to understand the workflow you have stated above.

          Could you please package your project and share it with me using drop box. (zhussain@adobe.com)

          Also please mail me the detailed steps and expected behavior for different slide numbers in order to understand the issue better.

          Note: You can package your project using the Package option available on Presenter ribbon.


          Zeeshan HussainAdobe Presenter Engineering Team

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            kornieme Level 1

            I just emailed you on it.

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              zeeshan hussain Adobe Employee

              Hi Melanie,


              Analyzed your project file.

              It seems like you are trying to skip a quiz question using Advanced Answer options, while in your quiz settings "Answer All questions" type is set. This is resulting into a conflict while you are trying to skip one of the question slides.

              My advice would be to change the quiz settings to a different option like "Pass Required" with Pass/Fail Options set to 0% (Since all questions are survey type in your case within the Evaluation quiz) or "Optional Quiz".


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              Zeeshan Hussain

              Adobe Presenter Engineering Team