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    Images disappearing from desktop after dragging them into XD


      I created a folder on my desktop with images I planned to use for a mobile prototype, and once I dragged them into the repeat grid on XD the folder disappeared from my desktop. I did this 3 times and the same thing kept happening. Is this a bug? Or are the files stored on Creative Cloud? Please help!

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          Dan POPA Adobe Employee

          Couldn't reproduce the issue using the latest XD Preview with few images inside a folder on the desktop.

          What's your XD Preview installed version? What's your OS version?


          Does the issue reproduce using a simple document with one simple grid?

          If the issue doesn't reproduce in a simple scenario then it may be triggered by something specific in your document, the name of the folder or images, or something inside the images.

          In this case it would help if you could provide the name of the folder on your desktop, the XD document and the images inside a Dropbox folder or some other drop location I can access.

          I'll send you a private message with my contact details.


          Best regards,

          Dan Popa

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