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    Pre-sales enquiries


      Dear Adobe stock team,



      I wasn't able to locate an email to contact support I have some important (pre sales) legal queries to make before I join Adobe stock.

      These are mainly in relation to Adobe stocks 'terms of use' and I should be very grateful if you could help answer my queries and clear my confusion



      As we need to add copyright info for articles - For editorial articles, commercial articles and other types of articles - Does the copyright info have to be placed ON the image?

      Or can it be placed next the image?

      And does the copyright info need to be written vertical or horizontal?

      Additionally, if the Adobe stock image is being used in a PDF newsletter as the background image that covers a full page in the newsletter then does copyright info needed to be added if on the same page I am adding an article (content) placed on the Adobe stock image?



      Also, if I write an article and on that same page create a clickable Ad/advertisement that includes an image from Adobe stock as a background image for that Ad do we need to add copyright anywhere considering I'm adding the Ad on the same page as the article?



      Furthermore, If I use Adobe stock images AS IS (excluding images that are marked as 'editorial use only') on website designs, advertisements and online Ad's (advertisements and online ad's will obviously include writing on the Adobe stock image as the Adobe stock image will be the background image for the ad but the Adobe stock image won't be altered, edited or modified) specifically for commercial purposes, do I need to add copyright information anywhere?



      If I'm creating a magazine front cover (for commercial purposes) with the background image being an image downloaded from  Adobe stock - does this need any copyright info on the magazine cover if the Adobe stock image is the background image for my magazine cover?



      Similarly referring back to online Ad's and magazines -  if I use that magazine front cover (that includes the Adobe stock image as a background image) for an online advertisement to advertise the magazine on social media sites and other marketing places, do I need to add copyright info anywhere for the Ad?



      Thanks very much



      Warmest regards