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    Adobe's inept way of handling billing

    yoyomaryoo6 Level 1

      I've noted before how obtaining and printing an Adobe Creative Cloud invoice took 13 steps and 2 logins.

      NOW adobe bought out dollarphoto.com and my subscription with it. Somehow Adobe has found a way to send me the monthly invoice by email (they claim they simply can't with Creative Cloud) but now if I want to buy a photo beyond my monthly allotment I have to pay $.99 per photo. I'm not complaining about the price I'm complaining that

      1. Adobe bills me every single time. Unless I sign up for a subscriptions that includes hundreds of buys.
      2. To print the bill, Adobe expects me to sign into their website and go to manage account and then go to billing history. Adobe, thankfully I can do a screen grab from the email you send. I hope by telling you that, you change it to make it harder on us.
      3. What's laughable, is I have to sign-in to different webpages to get a print-out of my Creative Cloud billing, Adobe stock billing, and my individual print charges.
      4. AND again, I can be logged in to Adobe Stock and have to log in AGAIN to see my Adobe stock billing.To see the individual bills, I HAVE to follow the email link and sign-in yet again


      Adobe's either desparate for website visitors or they don't have a handle on their website.