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    CC Renewal Price - Discount/Offers


      My creative cloud annual subscription is due for renewal on the 25th of this month and I was wondering if there are any discounts or offers for renewing customers?

      The reason I ask is because Adobe used to give quite good product discounts to repeat customers back when their software was sold as standalone downloads before creative cloud.


      I like the idea of having access to the whole suite of tools if I need them because I never know what project a client may request but I'm not sure I can justify paying the same price for a second year because I only really used illustrator and Acrobat 95% of the time. I'd be better off just buying the individual downloads for Illustrator and Acrobat because to pay a subscription for the whole suite would just be for the luxury of having access to them.


      So, before I make any decisions, I wanted to ask if there are any discounts or promotional offers available for repeat customers of the creative cloud suite. Maybe a loyalty discount like the good ol' days!