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    InDesign Menu Interface Pointer Accuracy Problem


      With the latest update to Adobe InDesign CC (Win 10), my menus have started strangely.  Here are some images of the issue:


      1) When I hover over the menu, it acts normally.


      2) When I click, the menu initially works correctly, but as soon as I move the mouse at all...


      3) Suddenly, the menu no longer is synced with my pointer location.  It gets worse as I move my mouse right:


      4) But gets more accurate as I near the left edge of the screen:


      This problem ONLY affects the menus... the Windows control buttons (min, max, close), every tool, every other button on the ribbon, everything else is perfectly fine.  I have tried every possible combination under UI Scaling in preferences.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.  This is highly annoying, and slowing my work down.  Thanks!