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    PGB App Installs on iOS, but doesn't function correctly




      I have an app I'm working on, and I am able to build it for Android and iOS without errors using Phone Gap Build.  When I install the app on an Android device, it works fine with no errors.  When I install the app on an iPad, it installs and runs, but then things get strange.  The primary login button on the app does not take users to the menu screen.  The "Forgot Password" link works, but when it loads that screen, it doesn't load the CSS, so the content is totally unstyled.  I am using Framework7 for the app router.


      I have been using GapDebug as my debugger, but I am not able to get GapDebug to recognize when the app is running, even though it recognizes the device itself.


      I am wondering if there are any programs/tools/apps out there that would allow me to get some feedback from iOS or the app as to where possible errors could be occuring.