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    Animate running slow any time I make something complex

    pocket_sevens Level 1

      I'm in the midst of creating a large project for school. At first things were fine when I had simple tweens, but any time I add something complex it slows down my workspace tremendously. For example I animated an eye to look realistic so it had lots of different layers to show the flecks in the iris. But I can't move this symbol around the stage without a huge lag. Any symbols or shapes that I have that have more than a few layers and drawing objects are so slow to position that it's doubling my work time. I've been optimizing all my drawing objects as much as possible without changing how they look, but it's not helping enough.


      My computer is supposed to be really fast and I specifically bought one that would be good at handling graphics, so I don't my computer is the issue- it has to be Animate. Are there any quick ways to improve performance with Animate without having to simplify my drawings? This is really frustrating me and my deadline for this project is rapidly approaching so any advice at all will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!