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    _ModuleName_mx_core_flexmodulefactory mem leak?

      well i have a simple application with some modules.. but when testing the app with the profiler.. every time i load a module.. it creates a new intance of the _modulename_mx_core_flexmodulefactory.. but after i unload the module, the instance of the flexmodulefactory remains.. and if i unload/load again the same modules some times, the instance of the flexmodulefactory only increases and ever goes down while the instance of the module itself is clearing correctly..

      so after a user is some time within my app there is like 5+ flexmodulefactory for each module but each one has several instances when the user has for eg. loaded only 1 module..

      i have no ideia why this is happening.. i tried both the ModuleLoader and the ModuleManager, both with new ApplicationDomain and not the current one.. so im really out of ideias right now... since if the user remains on the website for like 30m he will have a lot of those flexmodulefactory instances loaded with causes a huge memory leak....

      anyone have any ideia what it could be ?