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    Simple Header Renderer?

      Maybe this is just painfully obvious but I having a heck of a time getting a headerRenderer to work. Basically I want to have a simple wordWrapping in the headerCell of a DataGrid. As I understand it, a headerRenderer implements the cellRenderer API. So I tried this:

      public function setValue (str:String, item:Object, sel:String):Void {
      headerTitle.text = str;

      --- and later on in the MXML I have this ---

      <mx:Text width="100%" id="headerTitle"
      fontSize="12" color="#00476B"
      mouseDown="" mouseOver=""/>

      So you would think that would work but it doesn't. So I guess in simple terms: How can I set the headerRenderer text via the DataGridColumn's headerText="someString" and still implement the headerRenderer?
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          I know I had to increase the header height: myGrid.headerHeight = 75; (one row is 20 for default)
          and I had to put a chr(13) to replace the spaces in the text.
          But I am using CF and CfForms format="flash" and cfgrid (sort the same just adjust the syntax)

          Does anyone know how to format the header text so that the header text is valign to the bottom?