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    Why doesn't Lightroom clone properly if I adjust the colours first??




      Lightroom only does this when it feels like it... generally 1 in every 5 images refuse to heal or clone properly if any adjustments are made prior to cloning.  It seems to only happen if I have done either an auto or manual temp/tint adjustment or if I change the exposure, contrast, highlights etc or touch anything in that panel... any change on that panel prevents any form of cloning or healing but only on some images, not all I cannot create the fault myself...


      wtf is this nonsense??????!!!!!!!!!! FIX IT or tell me how to get around this as sometimes I'd like to see how much of my poorly painted studio floor needs to be cloned out AFTER adjustments are made to reduce the dirt and scratches etc, not after Ive spent 20mins fixing the floor only to find out that I really didn't need to waste that tiem after all... Hmm That Perfectly Clear app is looking every day guys! Get your act together Adobe! We pay you a small chunk of our fortunes for software that WORKS... ALL the time, not just whenever it feels like it.