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    Sharing Lightroom Collections


      Hi all


      I have been using Lightroom for some time but am completely new to Adobe Creative Cloud. I have just edited lots of holiday photos (RAW files) in Lightroom. I have exported these and put them into folders on an external hard drive (as JPEGS) and would now like to share them with family and friends. In the past, I would have just uploaded them to Drop Box from the external hard drive and sent a link. I have created a holiday collection in Lightroom and synced with my mobile, however, as these are still RAW photos they are taking too long to load for each photo. I am thinking I should create a JPEG collection in Lightroom so that I can sync those photos and they will load faster. I'm not sure what to do - I would just like to be able to easily share the photos. Can you please help - I'm struggling a bit! Thanks!

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          99jon Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you mark a collection for sync, smart previews are automatically created using the Creative Cloud infrastructure and pushed to LR Mobile on your tablet or phone. These are already reduced in size compared with the original raw file. The initial sync time will depend on your internet connection. The smart previews also appear automatically in your Lightroom Web space and you can additionally mark a collection for public viewing and simply share a link.


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            Janeymac Level 1

            Hi 99jon


            Thank you for your response to my query. It may be my internet connection although we have recently updated to a fast one, so I'm not sure. Thanks for the link. Once I have clicked on a photo in a collection, and it has finally loaded (1 minute), the next time I go back to it, it loads quickly. I'll spend some time trying to figure it out. I have been using Lightroom for a year or so,  but just having problems adjusting to Creative Cloud - I don't find it very user friendly. Thanks for your help.